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A login is required to access the Member Directory for our North Alabama IFMA chapter.  If you need a login and password, please contact IFMA Headquarters at 713-623-4362.

Select the link below to go to the IFMA Headquarters home page.

On the top of the page, select LOG IN and enter your Username and Password.  This will take you to your personal page.  You can verify your information and change or add to it here. 

To get to the Chapter Directory, select the Membership tab (top left) and then select Member Directory from the dropdown list.  At the Chapter field, pick the down arrow and select AL2 - North Alabama (Huntsville).  Then select Search.

The report seems to be randomly sorted.  It can be printed using the Print buttom on the upper right of the report or by using the web browser's print option along the top of the screen.


North Alabama IFMA Member Directory

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