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Member Assistance Program

Take advantage of this great opportunity while the offer lasts!

The North Alabama Chapter of IFMA is offering a sponsorship that is available to prospective or existing members whose employers do not financially support their membership expense and who must personally fund their membership dues.  This sponsorship is equal to 50% of the cost of a basic national and chapter membership, which would make it equivalent to $174.50 based on the current membership cost of $349.00.  It is available to both existing and prospective members.

After completing the following information, the form will be emailed to our chapter's membership chair, Courtney McCool.  Once she gets board approval, you will hear from her as to how to proceed.

Personal & Contact Information

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Is your company paying any portion of the membership fee?

Note: This program is being offered on a trial basis and may be discontinued or modified by a majority vote of the board. Applications are subject to Board Approval. Regular attendance at monthly meetings is expected of subsidized members.

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